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Keeping it Clean


Pacific Waste Management believes the first stage of the waste management process begins with recycling and as such encourages and promotes the setting up of Recycling schemes with local communities and industries.

Water Solutions

Pacific Waste Management Potable water supply and waste water removal  solutions are tailor made to suit the situation, our range of products can be utilised in commercial, industrial or domestic situations.


Pacific Waste Management utilise landfill operations to dispose of wastage that cannot be recycled, All our landfill operations are performed using proven environmentally sympathetic methods

Pacific Waste Management are an environmentally aware waste management company operating throughout the Pacific region, providing Waste Management Services, Domestic and Waste Water Solutions as well as promoting recycling of much of the waste received,

Pacific Waste Management partner with customers and communities to find answers to their waste problems through a combination of recycling and semi aerobic landfill solutions.

This approach utilises natures ability to clean and stabilise waste accelerates the decomposition time and has a dramatic reduction in the amount of global warming methane gas produced.

PWM believe in carrying out all their waste disposal and recycling operations to a standard that exceeds the expectations of the local governmental, conservation and environmental authorities in the areas we service.

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